Herbal Healing for Children by Demetria Clark

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This new book by Demetria Clark offers parents a guidebook for health and healing using herbal and aromatherapy remedies. Readers will find that the book is a how-to guide for herbal and aromatherapy remedies for childhood illnesses. The book explains each illness and issue, herbal protocols for each, dosing, how to administer them. Readers will also find the book offers recipes for homemade remedies, gardening tips and resources for purchasing herbal remedies and supplies.

Some comments from the back cover

" Demetria Clark gifts us with an enjoyable, thorough parenting guide for anyone who wants empower themselves and their children. 'Herbal medicine is people's medicine' is a constant theme in this book-and we all benefit.

Susun S. Weed, author of Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year

"This fantastic little book is packed with practical, well organized information that will help parents with their childrens' needs, whatever their ages. Demetria Clark's extensive knowledge of this important subject is complemented with her clear writing. Highly recommended!

Ina May Gaskin, midwife, author of Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth


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